agency: compadre // client: irvine company
a case study in live action and editorial production
press play and read on

For this campaign we teamed up with digital marketing agency, Compadre, and The Irvine Company to promote a luxury living experience like none other: the newly built, Villa Fashion Island aka VFI. With its sprawling grounds, VFI caters to an affluent demographic that values amenities, service, and the ability to cook a pizza in an outdoor, wood-burning oven.

Compadre needed a partner that could take their concepts, execute their vision for the shoot, and turnaround post– all on-time and on-budget.  Destro was up to the task and we walked away with enough in the can to cut both the storyboarded spot and an experimental 5 hour documentary ‘Irvine: The Story of American Luxury’.  


Planning for a shoot is like planning for battle. We needed a war plan that accounted for getting 26 extras costumed, made up, and camera ready. We needed to solve set-dressing and props for 2 dozen locations on the property. We needed to light for shots that took place during the day and at dusk. And we needed an agile crew that could both capture the details of a stainless steel refrigerator and hover a camera 50ft above a pool. All of this on a shoestring budget. This wasn’t your typical shoot, but we were well prepared.


We marshaled the troops on a 3 day location shoot. To encircle the eastern front of our shot-list, we split into 2 Units, Our Alpha Team covered shots where our talent interacted, beauty interiors, and hero amenities. Meanwhile our Beta Team took to the skies to capture the property from above: its 5 pools, manicured grounds, and a labradoodle taking care of business on ‘The Great Lawn’.

Sexy lifestyles, architectural interiors, wide scenic ariels: with our 2 units, we knew we could get everything we needed and more. Because we were handling the post, we knew what we could axe to make up time, and when to get some extra shots of that sexy Fiskar Karma roaring like the Millenium Falcon.


We set up Destro’s post production onsite at our partner agency, Compadre, allowing us to not only drink all their La Croix, but also to work closely with their creative team throughout the editorial process.  Utilizing their windowless basement suite, which we dubbed ‘The Teacher’s Lounge’, we crafted a spot that was both visually interesting and hit the Irvine Company’s key marketing touchstones.

No sundae is complete without a cherry. Destro handled music licensing, then performed a 4k color correction onsite.  We even accommodated client vfx requests like painting out rooftop air conditioners, cars, and even our drone crew. Clean as a baby’s behind.