EPISODE.01 - MATT GAGNON (Architect & Designer)

Matt Gagnon identifies as an architect, but his work blurs the lines between architecture, sculpture, furniture design, and installation art. Gagnon began his studies at Cornell, before cutting his teeth working for both Gaetano Pesce and Frank Gehry. Venturing out with his own studio, Gagnon has designed everything from buildings, to the furniture and lights that inhabit them.  Gagnon is the rare artist that designs, but also fabricates all of his creations often by hand. Whether it’s large-scale public art installations or sculptural lights, it’s this special proximity to his work, that fuses an old world artisan with a designer’s eye for the functional and experimental.

See more of Gagnon’s work at mattstudio.com

a series about the creative process

A documentary series exploring artists from multiple disciplines, and how their unique way of thinking informs their voice and their work.

SEED Episode.02 is underway, featuring the amazing chef of Porridge & Puffs, Minh Phan.

Special Thanks to the Gagnon Family, Ingenuity Studios, The New Gallery, LAFD Air Operations, Jane Derryberry, Loic & Roxie McAllen.

Writing, directing, photography, editing, graphics, and music were created in-studio/on-location in Los Angeles by DESTRO.